About the Author

When I grew up, all I wanted to be was a mommy. Then, I wanted to be a teacher, or teacher-mommy. Then, in the ever-dreaded middle school years, I wanted to be a writer.

As the daughter of divorced parents, on weekends removed from my daily routine at home, the neck-break speed of school and the distraction of friends, I spent my days alone in my room with the Babysitter’s Club, Saddle Club and Sweet Valley Twins and stayed up late with RL Stein and Christopher Pike.

When I ran out of books – or series, really – I decided to write my own. I remember sitting in my sage green, oversized bean bag chair by a big window with a pen and notebook paper – no laptops or tablets in those days – writing until my hands were sore. I still have some of those pages.

This season, though often lonely, changed my life forever.

In high school I took creative writing classes and published in my school’s lit mag and a variety of anthologies (before I really knew what they were). I continued creative writing in college and, while majoring in Communications, found myself expecting my first child. At that point, my writing became incredibly efficient. I didn’t have time for creative writing anymore. I had a family to support!

Now, two children later and expecting a set of twins, I find myself bursting with stories! My faith is an important part of my life, and no matter how a story starts, even if  it never says His name, it always ends up pointing to Him. I can’t help it.

And Now for Some Art…

From Doodles and Musings.