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It’s Me Little Sister, Coming via Christian Faith Publishing, 2018.

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And You Grew: An unexpected arrival makes a pair of mis-matched garden flowers parents. After much fuss, the wonder of parenting is more than they could have ever expected. In a sentence, the book is Oh Baby the Places You’ll Go meets Goodnight Moon in style. (Picture book.) Purchase the eBook on Amazon today.

Step-princess: In this triumphant story, an ogre marvels how he is transformed into a real father by his step-daughter’s love. In a sentence, the book is best described as My Fairy Step Mother takes on step-fathers and daughters. (Picture book.)

Mimi Moon: A little girl who adores the moon wonders if it will ever return or if she’ll forget it forever. In a sentence, this book about finding hope in loss, is the sentiment of the Velveteen Rabbit with a hint of Goodnight Moon – except the little girl has more to say to the moon than goodnight…(Picture book.)

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